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Tax Return Verification

The reasons to request IRS transcripts are abundant.   Whether you lend Mortgages, Consumer or Revolving Credit you will find value in receiving tax return transcripts to re-verify or validate borrower income.


Rules associated with 2010 Credit Card Act require credit card issuers to consider a borrower's "ability to pay" in evaluating new credit card applications.  Tax Return Verification is by far the most accurate method of income verification.   Many mortgage underwriters also call for Tax Return Verifications to verify income or to validate other sources of income such as borrower supplied paystubs and W-2 documentation.   Recent fruad finding statistics show that 31% (the largest single catagory) of application misrepresentation comes from income information. 31% of applicants inflated or fabricated income data in some capacity. 

IRS Direct Designee

As an IRS Direct Designee, SIR is offered direct access to IRS.   You scan to us your completely excuted Form 4506-T and we return IRS transcripts to you within quickest turn time available.  Use our easy to use technology platform and order your verifications while ordering credit.  We offer a variety of transcript data including 1040, 1099 and Corporate Return.  We feature fast turn times and an easy to order platform.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  •   What is a Form 4506-T?
    Form 4506-T is an IRS document to be completed and signed by a consumer which is used to request transcripts of tax returns, W-2 and 1099's filed with the 
  •   Why Request TRV from SIR? , Can't lenders request direct from IRS?
    Lenders can submit the Form 4506-T direct to the IRS but the difference in going through SIR is the delivery turn time.  SIR is a Direct Designee of the IRS
      and access is automated so SIR is able to return Transcript data within 24-48 hours.   Our delivery of this data helps detect income discrepancies quicker and
      improves your underwriting turn time.
  •   Are Tax Return Verifications Available for Quality Control Reviews?
    SIR clients access these reports for both origination purposes and for Quality Control Reviews.   If transcripts are in a loan file from originations, then new
      transcripts are not needed.   Typically any loan selected for a quality control review is required to have transcripts included in the review and must be ordered.
  •   What is the difference between Form 4506-T and Form 4506-EZ?
     Form 4506-EZ while acceptable by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is only used to obtain transcripts of 1040 Tax Returns, No other transcripts such as W-2's or
      1099's.  Form 4506-T may be used to request transcripts of all returns
     along with Account Transcripts which provides details on any ammendments made
      since returns were filed.
  •   What causes a request to be rejected by the IRS?
    The IRS may reject a request for transcript data for several reasons mostly because of limited or conflicting data provided on the Forn 4506-T.  
      The most common reason for a rejected request is the address provided on the request does not match the address on file from filed return.  It
       is important to remember to reflect all addresses from filing years.
  •   How Do I Get Started with SIR to Order Tax Return Verifications?
    It's easy,  a simple addendum must be signed and access is provided so orders can be placed on our easy to use order platform.
      Contact SIR at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get started today, you will love the turn time!

Sample Form 4506-T with SIR Data in line 5 

Tax Return Verification - Lender Tips


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